Monitor Top Refrigerator Service Manuals.

Service Manual, General Electric Refrigerators with Scotch Yoke Machines.
This is the complete manual  for the 1934-42 models, otherwise known as the Scotch Yoke compressor models.
Covered are the CK (standard monitor top), DK (under sink monitor top), CG (Globe top), LK (Liftop) and CE/CF/CH/CJ (Flatop) series.  The manual is still of use to CA owners as the relays, cabinets, and controls, are shared by some of the  models described.

Due to file size, allow plenty of time for dial up internet connections.

Part 1     8.4Mb

Part 2     15.2Mb

Part 3     14.7Mb

Part 4    13.2Mb

Part 5    13.1Mb

AK Service Manual
This is the Canadian General Electric service manual for AK machines. These are equivalent to the U.S. CK models but with differences to the cabinets and evaporators.

AK Service Manual  12.2Mb

Service Manual, General Electric Refrigerators with CA Machines.
This is the GE factory manual for the CA Monitor Top refrigerators using methyl formate. Many thanks are due to the Monitor Top Refrigerator Forum members Grigg, for finding this obscure publication, and to ChrisJ for taking on the job of ordering it.

CA service manual 8Mb (pdf conversion thanks to Brian O'Hern).

DR Service Manual 1927-1932.
For the original Monitor Tops with open coil condensers. Many thanks to ChrisJ on the  Monitor Top Refrigerator Forum  for scanning the pages. See also the Nickerson & Collins link below for DR rebuilding information.

DR Service Manual 13.7Mb

FEA Educational Filmstrip
Monitor top rebuilding ceased during the war. FEA units were provided as a replacements. Thank you to Monitor Top Refrigerator Forum member Don for providing this.

FEA Filmstrip 7.7Mb

Nickerson & Collins - Servicing Hermetically Sealed Units.
There are two downloadable sections. One is the chapter specifically for General Electric. It includes detailed DR rebuilding information, CA training film excerpts which include detailed instructions on purging non condensable gases, and general specifications for 1930's models.
The other section is the introduction to the book and includes a detailed, but easy to understand description of capillary tubes.

Servicing Hermetically sealed units - General Electric. 16.2Mb (These scans are from the 1949 edition and were originally uploaded to the Yahoo group.)

Servicing Hermetically Sealed Units - Introduction and Capillary Tubes.   4.1Mb (From the 1947 edition - many thanks to forum member Travis for providing the manual.)

1934 Salesman's Bulletin.
From July 1934, this shows the specifications for the models on sale. Covers CK30/35, CA-1 form B, CM35, CD, LK, and G-14 range.

1934 Sales.    1.6Mb

1934 Product Manual. Thank you to Monitor Top Refrigerator Forum member Don for the scans. This contains service information for CA, CB, CD, CM, CK30-35 units

1934 Product manual.  40Mb

Standard Refrigerator Trade In Manual & Dealer Guide. (1946). Identification of vintage U.S. made refrigerators and their trade-in value. (Also from forum member Don).

1946 Trade-in Manual.  42Mb