Servicing Vibrator Power Supplies.

From  Radio Electronics, May 1950, comes the following article, which apparently is based on information from Radiart.
There have been a lot of articles about vibrator power supplies in various magazines and text books,  this one was particularly good. It is presented here for those who work on vibrator powered equipment like car radios and inverters. It is useful also for those who want to design and build vibrator power supplies. There is no excuse for using a solid state replacement.


Note regarding Fig. 16. This is very effective method for cleaning vibrator contacts when a vibrator provides no output, because it has not been used for a very long time, or it's new old stock. However, it only cleans one set of contacts, with the risk that although the vibrator may produce output after cleaning, it might be operating in half wave.
For series driven vibrators, further details of the process are here . For shunt driven types, see here.

Another particularly good article is this one from The English magazine, Electronic Engineering, June 1942. The notes here are based on Mallory information.