Terado Electra 50-167 Inverter

This is the third style of Terado vibrator inverter. Like the other Terado inverters, it looked like it had little or no use.

The packaging seems rather extravagent. Imitation crocodile skin for the box is a bit excessive. In fact, the whole thing looks like a gift box.

Input is 12VDC and output is 110V 60c/s 42W continuous and 52W intermittent. Strange to see the power rating expressed in not so round numbers. 40W and 50W would have been easier to remember.

On the back of the case is a decal showing possible uses for the inverter. One has to wonder, how many people actually did use their electric shaver in a car.

Internally, the inverter is like the other models with an open vibrator. An Oak type series driven vibrator is used wired directly into the circuit.

The instructions and circuit diagram are much the same as the other models. For this model, the buffer capacitance consists of four parallel 1uF condensers, making a total of 4uF.
No fuse is provided, so hopefully the cigarette lighter into which it is plugged is on a fused circuit. I had to replace the 12V cable and so took the opportunity to fit a fused cigarette lighter plug. It looked like the original plug was crimped shut so would not have been able to re use it without damaging it. The only other part of restoration required was to replace the paper buffer capacitors with polypropylene types. There are no warnings to always operate the inverter under load. No vibrator sparking was observed on or off load.