Thermal Imaging for the CA-2-B15 Monitor Top.

The following pictures were taken with a Flir i7 thermal imaging camera. Note that the fridge had not been on for very long and the temperatures are not fully stabilised.

The heat given off by the condenser is concentrated around the embossed tubing.

Here one can see the heat radiated from the part of the condenser tube that runs around the edge of the cabinet top. The CA-1 does not have this extra tubing.

The float chamber is warm - as it should be.

Note the heat from the compressor dome, and that the top of the float chamber extension is cool.

The start relay is visible, as is the high side tube from the compressor dome leading to the condenser.

Left side of the evaporator. The header tank is the coolest point.

In the background is the float valve tube where the needle and seat is. You can clearly see the difference in temperature and even make out the valve seat. The thick tube in the foreground is the equalising tube between the header tanks.

Ice tray in evaporator.

The dark portion is the high side manifold on the left side of the evaporator. This is where the liquid feeds into the evaporator.

Complete fridge. Note how the bottom is much cooler than the top. We can clearly see how much more intelligent it is having the compressor on top. Unfortunately, modern fridges sacrifice efficiency for style.