Model T Ford Thermal Images.

These pics were taken with a Flir i7 thermal imaging camera of my 1926 Model T Ford Geelong Tourer. A thermal imaging camera is one of the most useful diagnostic tools. These pics were taken after a long trip so everything is at full operating temperature.

As expected, the radiator is hottest at the top. Notice also the centre of the radiator is cooler than the edges - the fan is doing its job.

The pic everyone wants to see. The exhaust manifold runs hottest between No.2 and No.3. It would seem this is because these two ports are the closest together. No.1 and No.4 have more pipe to dissipate their heat.

The end of the muffler is shown here. Note how it heats the differential. The foreign circular object at the top is a brake and indicator light.

Back of the radiator.

Left side of engine. No.4 cylinder seems to be hottest. The spike shaped thing under the horn is an oil can.

Floor above exhaust pipe. The thing hanging over the low pedal is the chain for the ignition key.

Back of transmission. You can see where the oil sits with the engine off. Why use the taps on the side when you can see it this way?

Under front of car facing the back.

Above the engine.

Looking at the exhaust pipe as it travels down the back of the engine.